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Your commercial roof is a valuable asset that safeguards your personnel and assets. It serves as a barrier against Connecticut’s ever-changing weather, and plays a vital role in maintaining energy efficiency and climate control in your facility. To extend the life and performance of your commercial roof, regular maintenance is essential.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is comparable to regular health check-ups for your roof. Every roof experiences regular stressors like foot traffic, weather conditions, and debris. Regular maintenance is your proactive approach to identifying and addressing issues before they escalate into costly, business-disrupting problems. Seal-Tite provides regular maintenance to ensure that your roof stays in pristine condition.

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Roof section under maintenance with visible underlayment during routine servicing in Milford, CT.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Services

At Seal-Tite, we offer a wide range of maintenance services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team works to make your roof last longer, save energy, and reduce the chance of unexpected damage.

1. Early Leak Detection
Leak detection is a core aspect of our maintenance program. Even the smallest leak can lead to significant damage if left unattended. Our team conducts deep inspections to spot any signs of damage or water intrusion. This proactive approach allows us to resolve leaks before they compromise your roof and property.

2. Drainage System Optimization
Effective drainage is fundamental to a healthy roof. A well-designed drainage system prevents issues such as ponding water. When still water sits on a roof, it causes deterioration which can lead to leaks. This is an especially prominent issue for flat roofs. The “72-hour rule” states that a roof should be dry within 72 hours of precipitation if the weather is dry and sunny. If water persists beyond this period, it often indicates a drainage problem. 

Our experts evaluate your roof’s drainage system and make necessary adjustments to enhance water flow. This keeps the water off your roof, extending its life for years.

3. Fibrated Aluminum Coating
One of the most effective ways to prolong a Modified Bitumen roof’s life is by applying a fibrated aluminum coating. This specialized coating acts as a protective shield for your roof. It enhances its durability and shields it from the adverse effects of UV rays.

4. Seam & Flashing Repair &Maintenance
Cracks and weaknesses can damage roofs, causing leaks and more harm if not fixed. Our maintenance program includes a meticulous examination of your roofing materials to identify any cracks or potential weak points. We promptly address these issues, preventing leaks and ensuring your roof’s long-term performance.

5. Debris Management
Leaves, twigs, and other debris can collect on your roof, causing wear and tear. This can reduce the durability of your roof and the performance of its drainage system. Regular cleaning and debris removal are vital for maintaining the integrity of your roofing system. Our team takes care of clearing your roof from debris, ensuring it remains in excellent condition.

The Seal-Tite Difference
Seal-Tite is a roofing company in Connecticut, owned by one family for 64 years over four generations. We understand the common problems associated with commercial roofing and the impact of Connecticut’s unpredictable weather on your property.

Our expert team possesses the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to address all your commercial roof maintenance needs. We approach each task with professionalism, precision, and a strong sense of urgency. Our commitment is to ensure that your roof remains resilient, efficient, and trouble-free.

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Don’t wait until minor issues become major problems, causing disruptions to your operations. Seal-Tite Commercial Roofing is not just roofers; we are your trustworthy partner in protecting your commercial property. By entrusting us to put the “Seal-Tite” touch on your roof, you can enjoy peace of mind for years to come.

Contact us now to schedule your complete roof maintenance and see the difference with Seal-Tite. Our expertise and proactive care will prolong your commercial roof’s lifespan and safeguard your investment.